Tabith Mohammed Awal, son of Abdul Awal Mintoo and Nasrin Awal, was born on 20 February 1979.

He started his schools in American International School, Dhaka and passed both O-level and A-level examinations.

Later, in 1997, he joined the George Washington University, USA, for Bachelor in Business Administration. He attained his Masters of Science in Information System Technology from the same university and returned Dhaka in 2001.

He is now serving as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Multimode Group. His academic excellence has made him a very astute businessman. He has also served as the Director of National Bank Limited and is currently serving as the Vice-President of Bangladesh Football Federation.

Additionally, he is a footballer who used to play for Arambagh Sporting Club. Feni Soccer Club, under his active leadership, managed to finish fourth in the Bangladesh League in 2009-2010. Tabith, a veritable admirer of football, is now the Chairman of the club.

Tabith Awal is the youngest candidate to declare his candidacy for the mayoral race of Dhaka North City Corporation election 2015.



Tabith Awal stood for the high school student council presidency at the American International School, Dhaka and won it as a freshmen defeating his seniors in a competitive election.

This was his first brush with democracy.


Tabith Awal, after completing his A-level, joined George Washington University, USA, an university renowned for producing famous political figures.


Tabith Awal was elected as the President of the South Asian Society of the George Washington University, USA, which was the representative organization for all Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi students, with an active enrollment of over 2,000 students.


Tabith Awal, completed his Masters of Science in Information System Technology from the same university and returned to Dhaka.

Tabith Awal was offered with a job in a company that works on US capital market, which was accepted by him.


Tabith Awal returned to Dhaka and on his return he joined the Multimode Group as the Asset Manager of the company.

Tabith Awal joined Arambagh Sporting Club and played as a mid-fielder in the professional football league of the country.


Tabith Awal promoted as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Multimode Group.


Tabith Awal retired from premier league football.

Tabith Awal continued his dedication to the sport by becoming the player manager of the Feni Soccer Club. He masterminded the meteoric rise of the club to the pinnacle of footballing success.


Tabith Awal got elected as the youngest vice president of the Bangladesh Football Federation.

Tabith Awal was also elected to the council of CNG pump station owners association, which is a nationwide body with a huge membership.

Tabith Awal participated the Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) Summit in Mumbai with a delegation from Bangladesh.


  • Tabith Awal became a director of the Dhaka Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, the youngest director ever to be elected, and one of his main achievements has been to induce the youth to join.


  • Tabith Awal declared his candidacy as a mayoral candidate for Dhaka North City Corporation.

  • Following the Election Commission decision to disallow his father Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo from running, Tabith Awal was selected by the Bangladesh National Party to be their official candidate for Dhaka North City Corporation.



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