Ensuring food safety for the citizens of new Dhaka

  • Adulteration of food will be restrained while the sales standard will be ensured
  • Night Market/Farmers’ Market will be established for the betterment of the farmers and the consumers
  • Initiate urban agriculture like Japan
  • Build better relation with WASA for to ensure fresh water for the citizens
  • Establish some food courts in the public places and transfer the food chains there.

Solving accommodation problem for ideal Dhaka

  • Reducing the problems and harassment of paying holding tax by using internet and mobile operators
  • Initiating a project to ensure accommodation for the labors and the low income people
  • Ensuring the continuity of gas, water and electricity by improving linkages with the authorities
  • Emphasizing on “source control” to reduce water, air and noise pollution

Improving the city administration

  • Up-scaling power of the City Corporation Zonal Offices;
  • Word based budgeting and decentralization of development process.
  • To undertake active initiative for enhancement and popularization of an integrated, effective city government;
  • To bring the essential installations through Detailed Area Planning under Master Plan for civic amenities; and,
  • To take initiative to create more City commercial centers for raising revenue of the corporation.

Building a healthy Dhaka

  • Setting up walk-ways and health check-up booths in every single park
  • Launching free medical check-up service and mobile-based medical service system for low income people
  • Improving the conditions of the day-care centres in Dhaka
  • Ensuring free treatment of every mother and their children up to five years in the community hospitals of the corporation

Facilitating a digital Dhaka

  • To undertake effective steps to provide free internet services through WIFI at various important spots of the city under joint management with internet service providers concerns and cell phone operators;
  • To provide giant screens to view important events and sports in various public and private universities;
  • To provide internet services in general at an affordable cost by establishing increased number of cyber centres;
  • To take measures to bring all city corporation process and procedures and realisation of holding tax under on-line system;
  • To build overhead digital electronic display board reporting share market information at down-town areas.

Increasing public safety for a safer Dhaka

  • To install CCTV in phases in each street, lane and by-lane;
  • To improve citizen safety through up-scaling the law and order situation:
  • To introduce safe night bus service for the passengers who reach Rail station/Bus terminal and Launch station late at night;
  • To ensure modernization and upgrade street lighting( such as, LED light) in the city;
  • To play facilitator in making the area wise crime map or zone in co-operation with the police and thus play a role in creating a crime free city.

Developing Dhaka sustainably

  • Taking necessary measures on emergency basis to flush out and cleaning of the sewerage system regularly to mitigate problems of water logging and congestion , in co-ordination, in particular areas, in co-ordination with the WASA.
  • To take steps to remove wastes from the city in the time span between 12 O’clock night and 5 am everyday;
  • Widespread introduction of the popular and scientific concept of waste disposal system called 3R( Reduce, Refuse and Re-Use) and emphases on `Source Control’ to serve the purpose;
  • To change Dhaka in environment-friendly `clean and Green’ city by adopting an intensive city forestation project and, to serve purpose, encouraging agriculture in any space left barren and un-used so far and to take initiative at community levels for voluntary greening;
  • To from an advisory council in combination of elders and young resource persons concerning city development, environment protection and modern technology and to implement work plans under their advice;
  • To arrange issuance of special certificate for the environment friendly building by the City Corporation and give special incentive in special cases.

Educating every citizen for a better Dhaka

  • To introduce modern city school bus service on the specified routes for safe and jam free transportation of the school students and for this purpose to make co-ordination among the community or area based public private educational institutions;
  • To arrange computer and English language courses on voluntary basis for the poor and aged people in the various community centers under city corporation;
  • To facilitate open space articulation of knowledge for the college and university students;
  • To take initiative for funding a public university for the Dhaka North;
  • To take steps to ensure required quality primary schools based on the ratio of population in each ward;
  • To award city “SCHOLARSHIP” each year from amongst the talented students successful in the primary, junior and secondary school certificate examinations. The objectives will be to encourage and assist in cultivation of education;
  • To arrange at least one day care centre in each ward.

Increasing recreational and public services

  • To take measures in co-ordination with RAJUK to arrange construction of adequate `public and open spaces’ for city recreation, sports and a way out of the monotony and boredom in compact city life;
  • To take measures to introduce recreational boating, angling and cable car travel on limited scale for making the Hatirjheel area more attractive;
  • To take steps for river cruise around the city for the tourists as a medium of recreation by re-excavating and renovating river routes around the city;
  • To arrange for play ground, park etc. in each ward and holding competitive tournaments on a regular basis;
  • To build modern, hygienic slaughter house;
  • To reduce the menace of mosquito bites and malaria etc. through regular insecticide spray and waste disposal;
  • To build an adequate number of modern and clean public toilets with separate arrangement for the women;
  • To ensure at least one such toilet along side the major Bus Bays;
  • Maintenance and conservation of historic places of the city and arrangement for free tour of the city for tourists and enthusiasts.

Paving way to manage natural disasters

  • To create Emergency disaster management unit up-scaled with modern equipment and skilled work force;
  • To form an accelerated surveillance team in time of dangerous accidents;
  • To arrange psycho-counselling of the suffering people and, women in particular in post disaster scenario.

Managing Dhaka for social development

  • To introduce ` One Stop Service’ for providing instant services in cases of all kinds of citizen’s privileges including issuance of birth and death certificates., Trade Licence and other services;
  • To arrange special services to disabled in railway, educational institutions, hospitals and other service providing agencies;
  • To ensure freedom of information to citizens( access to information) that concerns the transparency of the City Corporation activity;
  • To construct adequate number of places of worship, cemetery, crematorium, community centers etc. and to take various active initiatives regularly with the religious leaders for social development and bonding;
  • To organize regular ward based meeting for exchange of views to pinpoint local problems and to take prompt action to solve them;
  • To create opportunity for the children-adolescent, teenager and disabled participation in such ward based meeting of exchange of views;
  • To work shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed and repressed working people to remove social discrimination;
  • To build safe night shelter for the homeless children and women;
  • To arrange separate public transportation for the women;
  • To establish working women’s hostel and to take effective steps to create day care center at the work place;
  • To work ceaselessly for enhancement of social status of the working people including RMG, bus-truck-rickshaw and hotel workers and to observe a Special Day at least in a year with their participations in it;
  • To undertake a programme entitled : ` Know Your Rights, every year taking alongside the Ward Commissioners;
  • To adopt programme with community involvement for creating awareness in building a drug and terror free society;
  • To arrange for health and health care insurance in phases for the citizens involving different development aid agencies.

Developing transportation system

  • To adopt measures for emergency maintenance and repair of the various main roads inside Dhaka City and Inner Streets of the wards in dilapidated state and to take necessary steps for improvement;
  • To take appropriate measures to implement and ensure clean and adequate footpath;
  • To add elevators / escalators in stages on the foot over bridges to encourage their civic use. To construct more foot over bridges at the various city intersections.
  • To take measures in right earnest to convince RAJUK in giving clearance to the construction of new buildings in convenient RAJUK spaces to prevent random and scattered parking of vehicles.
  • To take initiative to build multi-storied vehicles’ parking facilities or parking lots in important places of the city on commercial basis.
  • To take initiative to introduce ultra-modern commuter train services from Tongi to Kamalapur.
  • Building wayside Bus Bay, most modern passenger shed/ waiting rooms for the citizens moving out from place to place;
  • Taking realistic steps to prevent the public transports from landing down and boarding up passengers breaking traffic rules and discipline.
  • To take initiative to upgrade even more the public buses and as a part of the scheme to initiate dialogue with the concerned bus owners to introduce environment friendly Double Decker buses with free internet facilities.
  • To take initiatives to implement the circular ways or ring roads around the Dhaka city proposed and planned by RAJUK to lessen and ease pressure on the total traffic.
  • To introduce quality Taxi Cab services keeping in view the need of the tourists;
  • To ensure safe transport of the incoming repatriate passengers from the airport to safe transit points in the down town areas;
  • To introduce an effective mechanism in liaison with the Dhaka Transport Co-ordination authority for overall development of public transportation system;
  • To take efficacious and inclusive measures to bring into effective water/river routes around the Dhaka city;
  • To take initiatives to construct elevated expressways and underpasses in accord with the various roads and highways plans;
  • To introduce sky(walk) way like that in Mumbai for easier movement and walking of the pedestrians in various places.


Bus Bays to be made
Wards to come under CCTV surveillance
Wards to come under CCTV surveillance
Public toilets to be made
Public toilets to be made
Health booths to be made